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Welcome to Northern Spanking’s high-quality, original corporal punishment films and photography. New HD Spanking Video added on 20th of April. With currently over 300 hours of film and over 50,000 images, Northern Spanking gives you access to one of the biggest and most exclusive archives along all spanking websites. They never missed an update, adding new exclusive content every week! And of course, their films are presented in razor-sharp High Definition quality!

Latest Updates

Miss ElizabethCherry BlossomApr 20Thank You NotesIt has been a couple of weeks now, and Cherry still hasn't gotten around to writing any thank you notes, despite Elizabeth asking her constantly to do it. Today, she is done asking and Cherry is going to write those notes while sitting on a very sore bottom.
Alex ReynoldsNew Model Lola BelleApr 11Passport ControlWatch as Lola first has her bottom soundly smacked, before she has to pass the hairbrush to Alex to complete her punishment. It will not escape your notice that sexy little Lola Belle is yet another debutante, both to our site and to spanking films in general!
SukiApr 06Explain Your BehaviorOn a trip to find a college for Suki, Paul is very disappointed in her conduct at their first interview and decides to resurrect a punishment method from her younger days to remind Suki that, now, by her behavior, she has a major hand in her own future.
Dorothy BurnettKelley MayDorothy's Strict Tutor - Part 1+2Dorothy is lazy and inattentive at school, feeling that the whole experience is perhaps not really so important. Her parents have retained the services of a private tutor, Miss May, who has thus far struggled to make much of an impression on Dorothy.
Anabelle LilyOverheard - The VideoCalled into her bedroom, Anabelle's punishment begins and outside, Alex can hear her friend being smacked. Each smack on Anabelle's bottom can be clearly heard, along with her cries. With her punishment complete, Alex of course wants to see Lily's bottom...
Alex ReynoldsPharaohBad ExampleAlex gets spanked over her tight-fitting jeans shorts first, but Pharaoh doesn't think that he's making enough of an impression, so he moves on to spanking her over her cotton panties. He has a hard hand and Alex is really struggling to take the spanking, fighting and wiggling over his lap.
Luci LovettLuci's Huge ProblemLuci is spanked in multiple positions and given a hard paddling as well while she's scolded and shamed. Poor Luci feels she was an innocent victim here, but she promises, over and over again, to never look at pictures of big dicks again!
Dorothy BurnettDorothy, The Magical GirlFans of Anime will particularly enjoy this very unusual tale of why Dorothy is constantly in trouble at school, requiring a parental invitation and a trip across Paul's lap for a spanking! Get Instant Access to Northern Spanking
spankingf/funiformstrapcaningElla HughesAleesha Fox 85.4%You're Lying!Ella's decision to play truant from school proves unwise when she is spotted by a neighbor, also a good friend of her mother's. Further adding to Ella's misery is the fact that Ms Aleesha Fox is Deputy Head of a nearby private girls school... One that still uses corporal punishment!
spankingf/fotkpaddlepantyhoseAlex ReynoldsHarley HavikSyrena Vaedya 84.0%Tips - The VideoHarley has been caught skimming by Alex before, and punished for it with a spanking, so she knows what to expect now. Alex makes Harley explain to Syrena, a first-time offender corrupted into criminality by Harley, exactly what is about to happen.
spankingm/fotkcaning 74.8%Hotel MisbehaviorOn a family reunion vacation, with both her parents unable to attend, Angel's supervision is entrusted to senior members of her family. Unfortunately for Angel, Mr Kennedy draws the short straw and for angel that means a spanking and Mr Kennedy's cane across her bottom.
f/fleather paddleotkspankinguniformAlex ReynoldsKassia 79.4%Outrage In The Common RoomKassia is at least shocked and very apologetic while her blatant indecency is rewarded with a spanking and a taste of the paddle. Are her promises never to masturbate in school again to be believed? We shall have to wait and see. I don't think we will be waiting very long!
spankingf/fotkbelt spankingMaddy MarksKelley May 74.0%Yellow Card For MaddyThis film is perfect for those of you with soccer on the brain right now. Of course, Kelley May is never to be missed, striking the perfect balance of strict and caring while giving a precise and thorough punishment with the belt.
belt spankingcheerleaderleather beltm/fotkspankingSkylar Rose 68.1%The Cheeky CheerleaderSkyler Rose is a very talented cheerleader. And she knows it! Skyler gets a well-deserved spanking and a taste of the belt across her bottom for her cheeky behavior.
m/fotkspankingKitty 69.4%An Unexpected TalentThis afternoon Paul has to retrieve Kitty from the local tennis club, where she has been using a stolen membership card to gain access for the last several weeks. And a stolen racket to actually play! All is not quite as it seems however.
spankingm/fotkcaningnurse 71.4%Careless CaregiverWhen he hears that her only excuse for neglecting both her job and his bed-bound relative is that Ami was out partying, he becomes incandescent! The old lady was a schoolteacher decades earlier and retains one or two mementos, including her trusty cane.

Previous Updates - Editors Choice

f/fhairbrushlesbianspankingstockingsAlex Reynolds Noisy NeighborIt does not seem that Adrana is learning much however as the spanking is clearly making her even more aroused.
spankingf/fotkhairbrushLizzy A Minus - Northern SpankingReturning home from school to find her stepmom clutching her latest test results, Lizzy discovers that an A Minus is sometimes not good enough, especially when the cause of this terrible failure is procrastination and goofing off.
f/fotkspankingjeans spankingAlex Reynolds So This Is Discipline, Huh?Alex has had enough of this little freeloader and informs her that unless she gets off her lazy butt and starts looking for a job, Alex will send her back to their parents. That's right, she would find herself on the receiving end of a spanking.
black girlsf/fhairbrushotkspankingAlex ReynoldsCupcake A Good FriendAlex knows there is only one solution, a very sore bottom indeed for her little sister's bad friend.
f/fhairbrushnurseotkspankingbbwAlex Reynolds We Need To TalkAlex has had enough of coming home from work only to find more work for her to do and decides that Ally needs a lesson in discipline, repeated from her younger days. A good spanking and a taste of the hairbrush will hopefully focus Ally's mind on tidying up after herself.
cheerleaderf/fotkspankinguniformwooden paddleAlex Reynolds Cheering With A Sore BottomExcited at being away from home and no doubt encouraged by others, Nuna consumed alcohol the night before a qualifying round and woke with a hangover. Coach Reynolds had a reputation as a strict disciplinarian, and a huge wooden paddle...
f/fotkspankinguniformAlex ReynoldsApricot An 'A' for Apricot?Finding an old school paper of her sisters is too much of a temptation for Apricot. Feeling sorry for her forlorn younger sister, Alex takes pity on Apricot and decides to handle the girl's punishment herself, rather than tell their parents.
spankingm/fhairbrushAlex ReynoldsHarley Havik Arcade FireHe has had enough and he tells the girls that since the game table is too big for him to take away, they are going to have to learn to get along while playing it. He returns with a clothes brush and bends each girl over the table in turn for a dose of it before sending them off to do something else.
spankingm/fotkHarley Havik My Special AgentHarley has clearly never been punished before: her father is always too busy, hence her constant acting out, and has made up for it by giving her whatever she asks for, hence her spoiled attitude. Maybe Agent Kennedy is right and this is exactly what she needed.
spankingf/fotkpantyhoseAlex ReynoldsClare Fonda Missed The MeetingMiss Fonda's Personal Assistant, Alex, has messed up one too many times. Completely forgetting about a scheduled presentation, Alex left her boss hugely embarrassed in front of clients. Later that day forgetful Alex pays the price as she gets a smacked bottom she thoroughly deserves.
spankingm/fotkhairbrushMaddy Marks The Chalet GirlMaddy is quite unprepared for the expectations of Mr Kennedy, and his exceptionally shocking treatment and punishment of the poor girl when she fails to meet them.
spankingf/fotkhairbrushpijamaAlex Reynolds DemolitionIf the Christmas spirit is comprised of violent destruction and painful retribution, these two are full of it and I would not want to be around when they are opening their presents! Personally, I blame the parents...! Get Instant Access to Northern Spanking

Northern Spanking is all about tearful corporal punishments of naughty and disobedient girls, at home, at school or even at their workplaces. A strict hand and frequent disciplinary measures is what these brats need to correct their attitudes and disrespectful behavior. Regular spanking punishments with the hand, the hairbrush and a heavy leather belt - or even a severe caning across the bare backside - can work miracles. It’s their own decision to go through these procedures again and again, every day.

Let us know what you think about them ;-)

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RubenGreat siteMatthiasjoin procedure was complicated but worthwhileJalisaMember since almost 6 months, very happy with the siteBillyWhy oh why does Alex have her head turned away from the bottom on her lap in practically all of the spanking photos that feature her as the spanker? It really is ridiculous, especially when what would otherwise have been a good spanking image is ruined by her inexplicably turned head.MikeAmazingAbdulModel Bambi is awesome. Give her caning please.CarolinaI do enjoy a lot but the punishment isn't that hard.Dodithumbs up!!!JulioEnjoyed the siete a lotMartinMore updates pleaseKarlaIam old fashioned I am much more into pictures than videos. Northen panking made my day, beautiful and esthetic photo workFrankServer was a bit slow sometimes, but amazing videos, unique.7 more comments
 Field Trip RulesThis kind of behavior is not to be tolerated! Its so unfair, the girls really didnt do it! For once, the pleading school girls ARE telling the truth. But then where did the bill come from? Surely it was a mistake!
 Impact ForcesHaving scammed her way onto a school physics trip to an amusement park and been caught, Kitten is subjected to a practical, hands-on demonstration of impact forces, with the help of the physics tutor's tawse!
 Mommy's HomeAll three are soundly punished, then they are lined up together on the couch to be spanked together: only appropriate since they all got into trouble together. When Kelley is convinced that the girls have learned a lesson, they are sent off to bed.
 Borstal Girls: Forbidden ActivityThe latest in our short series of films imagining the kind of young offender's institutions that did once exist in the UK, with horribly wicked staff taking any and every opportunity to inflict corporal punishment on the unfortunate but equally wicked female inmates.
 Mom Says I Have To Spank YouAfter Adriana almost causes them to almost miss their flight, Alex consults her Mom on what should be done to punish her sister. The answer of course is a good smacked bottom, which Adriana knows she richly deserves.
 I Hate CheerleadingMaybe putting the petite little brat over her knee and giving her a good spanking will teach her how to behave properly? Her eye-rolls make this seem unlikely. Will anything ever get through to this girl? Hopefully a hard punishment on her bare bottom will be enough to bring her into line.
 Inconvenient HouseguestHow dare she take Harley's place on the volleyball team and HOW DARE SHE talk to the boy Harley has a crush on?! How dare she even breathe Harley's air? Something has to be done and poor Apricot is not gonna like it!
 You Know How This Works!On a trip with her stepmom, Rachel's tantrums inevitably earn her the spanking that lies at the end of Kelley's patience! Corner time is not undertaken with sufficient regard for instructions given and Rachel finds herself spanked once again!
 Ava Nicole's first spanking videoShe uses a stinging wooden spoon to drive home not just responsibility, but being her own person. This is Ava Nicole's first spanking video, and Kelley May's return from retiremen.
 Bambi Learns Her PlaceAlex spends time with Bambi all right, teaching her exactly where her place in the school hierarchy is: right at the bottom! And talking about the bottom, poor Bambi is ultimately humiliated by having hers well spanked!