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UPDATED April 30 Join our Free Newsletter Welcome to Northern Spanking’s high-quality, original corporal punishment films and photography. With currently over 300 hours of film and over 50,000 images, Northern Spanking gives you access to one of the biggest and most exclusive archives along all spanking websites. They never missed an update, adding new exclusive content six days per week! Needless to say that their recent films are all presented in razor-sharp High Definition quality!

Apr 30The Slipper - Part One - Northern Spanking

The first in a series of four films exploring the one element of corporal punishment that survived the ending of the practice in UK state schools in the early 1980s: The Slipper! It was always common knowledge, although rarely talked about, that PE Mistresses (and Masters!), kept a slipper for on-the-spot motivation or punishment during PE classes, or sometimes afterwards in the changing room. The slipper itself was a plimsoll or gym shoe, almost always a large, gents example for maximum ...

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16     The Enforcer - Northern Spanking - Alex Reynolds is a senior girl with a reputation. She likes to find excuses to turn the junior girls alone across her lap for a spanking. On the all-school field trip, Alex noticed Nuna Starks touching exhibits at the museum. So, upon returning to the hotel, Alex visits Nuna's room. Exaggerating her authority, she tells Nuna that she will definitely get a caning from the Head Teacher, Mr. Kennedy, unless she accepts a spanking from Alex. Alex demonstrates the problems with touching things that you aren't supposed to by getting a little bit hands-on with Nuna before giving her a spanking across her lap. First, she just uses her hand, and she mixes in a bit of exploring and touching. Then, she gets up and finds a hairbrush to apply to Nunas adorable bottom. Nuna is whimpering and whining as she is spanked, but perhaps it is not all bad. When Alex asks Nuna if she hates being spanked, she is non-committal. The sore feeling in her bottom is leaving her very confused, it seems. To her horror, Alex is interrupted when Mr Kennedy does arrive, cane in hand, intending to punish Nuna, having just gotten off the phone with the museum, just as Alex had threatened would happen, until he sees what's been going on. Instead, Alex is now the one who is going to get a caning, as she has been told time and again that she does not have the authority to punish younger students. In fact, she has no authority at all, she is just a bully! And bullies get their panties taken down and are spanked hard, before having to bend over for the cane.

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16     Taking Sides - Kelley is surprised to see her stepdaughter, Ava come out of her room and head towards the door. She is supposed to be grounded, and they are having a family dinner tonight! Her older sister, Alex, is coming home from college to visit, so Kelley tells Ava that she is absolutely not to go out. And what is she wearing? A girl her age should not be going out dressed in fishnet stockings and high heels! Ava argues with Kelley, telling her that she can do as she pleases and taking an attitude. In the middle of this, Alex arrives home and is unimpressed with the way that Ava is talking to their stepmother, and tells them that if she had talked to either of her parents that way she would have been soundly spanked. Kelley thinks this sounds like an effective solution to Avas multitude of behavioral issues, so Alex sends Ava off in search of the hairbrush. Ava is very frustrated that her sister does not take her side in this situation, but Alex does her best to explain that Kelley is in the right and Ava needs to be behaving better. So, while her sister watches, Ava gets spanked: for trying to sneak out while grounded, for going on a date wearing inappropriate clothing and for her terrible attitude. Fortunately, after being soundly punished with hand and hairbrush, Ava seems to learn a lesson. We were very pleased to debut Ava this year and to be the first site to shoot with Kelley upon her return to being on camera! We are proud to say that both performers have been nominated for Spanking Awards: Ava as Best New Spankee and Kelley as Best New Top. Go over to www.spankingblogg.com to vote for these lovely and talented ladies!


About Domestic Discipline

Corporal punishments as in spankings, canings etc were considered normal in schools and institutions until the second half of the twentieth-century. Even in the home, domestic discipline took place regularly. Young wives who did not look after their husband’s needs, would be punished. Teenage girls knew what to expect if they displeased their teachers or parents.

What is a punishable offence? Bad grades at school, disobedience or back chat. Then some do-gooders decided to ban corporal punishment in schools and in the home. And it became an offence if schools or parents were caught doing it. Of course how would the authorities find out? There would always be the disgruntled girl who would tell tales out of school. However, she would receive an even severer spanking or caning, which would make her think twice before blowing the whistle again. But teenage girls through the ages have always pushed the boundaries – to see how far they can go.

So parents and teachers, believing that prevention is better than cure, would set down the rules for these teenage girls. Eg every night before going to bed she would have a bare bottom – and be carrying a cane. Then there would be a discussion with her parents or teachers regarding her behaviour during that day. This part about presenting a bare bottom was meant to be a deterrent and to make her feel ashamed and embarrassed. If she did warrant a punishment, she would be told to remove all her clothing – and she would spend some time standing in a corner with her hands on her head – her sore bottom on display to friends and neighbours. Her tears would be of remorse, shame and pain. So who does know what goes on behind closed doors?

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