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Jan 17Waiting Is The Worst

In this video, Alex is in trouble once again. Sent to her room in just her t-shirt and panties to face the wall and wait to be punished, she realizes that she needs to pee, and very badly. She wiggles and squirms as she tries to both obey her instructions and hold in her need to pee, but eventually she fails, soaking her panties. Unsure of what to do, she faces the wall in disgrace with her knickers wet. Paul eventually returns to punish her, only to discover her little accident. He scolds Alex for her naughty behavior, then puts her across his lap to smack her bottom. She wriggles and howls as she is punished, feeling the sharp sting of a spanking on a wet bottom. Perhaps this will teach the little miss to have a bit more self control in future!

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  About Domestic Discipline  

Corporal punishments as in spankings, canings etc were considered normal in schools and institutions until the second half of the twentieth-century. Even in the home, domestic discipline took place regularly. Young wives who did not look after their husband’s needs, would be punished. Teenage girls knew what to expect if they displeased their teachers or parents.

What is a punishable offence? Bad grades at school, disobedience or back chat. Then some do-gooders decided to ban corporal punishment in schools and in the home. And it became an offence if schools or parents were caught doing it. Of course how would the authorities find out? There would always be the disgruntled girl who would tell tales out of school. However, she would receive an even severer spanking or caning, which would make her think twice before blowing the whistle again. But teenage girls through the ages have always pushed the boundaries – to see how far they can go.

So parents and teachers, believing that prevention is better than cure, would set down the rules for these teenage girls. Eg every night before going to bed she would have a bare bottom – and be carrying a cane. Then there would be a discussion with her parents or teachers regarding her behaviour during that day. This part about presenting a bare bottom was meant to be a deterrent and to make her feel ashamed and embarrassed. If she did warrant a punishment, she would be told to remove all her clothing – and she would spend some time standing in a corner with her hands on her head – her sore bottom on display to friends and neighbours. Her tears would be of remorse, shame and pain. So who does know what goes on behind closed doors?

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