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Ginger's Vengeance

Spanking preview video and images, with Alex Reynolds, Linny Lace and Ginger

Schoolgirls Alex and Linny are waiting in the common room. They are waiting for Mary-Ann, a younger girl they have been bullying and stealing from for weeks. However, instead of poor little Mary-Ann arriving to hand over her lunch money, her big sister Ginger arrives, clutching the school paddle and with revenge on her mind. These horrible girls are done tormenting her sister and Ginger is determined to make them feel the humiliation she has suffered at their hands.With the added extra of very sore bottoms indeed, once their white cotton school knickers are pulled down and both girls receive a paddling. We can see that the punishment has worked; Alex and Linny agree they will never, ever pick on any girl (who has a big sister) again!

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