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Lady in a lake of trouble

Ginger Sparks, belt spanking, m/f, spanking

This is our Christmas film. It's inspired by a fairly well-known film noir movie from the 1940's and is a tribute to the magical city of Los Angeles, where we have made our home. It could also be the genesis of that (un)lovable rogue private detective that appears from time to time! We hope you like it! Ms Ginger Sparks has had Kennedy running around town for three weeks, following some old guy she claims is her best friend's cheating husband. This guy has seen 80 summers at least and can just about make it to his Diner, his Daycare and his Diabetes Clinic.Kennedy smells a rat and a chance call from his Courthouse reporter contact fills in the blanks. There's a big mob trial on and all the best PI's in town are coining it in chasing down witnesses, except for Kennedy who's stuck with this dead end gig for the pretty redhead. Courthouse gossip says that Kennedy's main rival, Manny, has a new squeeze. A pretty redhead no less, with curves in all the right places! This morning's meeting with Ms Sparks should be interesting. Can he trick her into blowing the game?Can he use her duplicity to get in on the Courthouse action? And more importantly, what kind of painful and humiliating retribution can he wreak on Ginger's voluptuous ass?

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