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More Percussive Therapy!

Aleesha Fox, f/f, leather paddle, spanking

Its over two years since we last visited Miss Chris in her “progressive” medical clinic. When asked about the apparent hiatus in her career, Miss Chris, or “Matron” as she insists on being addressed, offered no comment but it is widely believed that whatever medical qualification she previously held had been suspended. A previous employee of the clinic, a nurse by the name of Jenni Mack denied allegations of charlatanism and quackery and, indeed, confirmed that Miss Chris treatment was surprisingly effective.Here we are lucky enough to able to watch Miss Chris in the process of inducting a new member of staff. While we cannot be certain of the medical outcome of the treatment she will undoubtedly administer, we would put money on the physiological effects being a very sore bottom indeed for Nurse Aleesha Fox!

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