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Out of Control

Alex Reynolds, Dorothy Burnett, f/f, hairbrush, spanking

Alex just wants to study for her end of year exams but her younger sister, Dorothy is already finished with school for the year and Alex has to look after her. Worse, her friend, Bambi staying with them while her parents are out of town. Dorothy and Bambi immediately start wreaking havoc, being noisy and disruptive. Alex tries reasoning with them but these girls are truly out of control. Alex has no choice but to do the best she can to regain it, by bending the girls over one at a time to be spanked soundly.Alternating between spanking her bratty little sister and her naughty friend, Alex doesn't think she's getting the message across. Perhaps her Mason Pearson hairbrush will drive the lesson home. Once she has spanked both girls, Dorothy maintains her attitude, so it's back across the table for another round with the brush.

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