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Corporal punishment films and photography from Northern Spanking. A membership at Northern Spanking gives you access to one of the biggest and most exclusive spanking video libraries along all spanking websites available today, with over 650 Films for unlimited viewing online and download. Paul Kennedy and Alex Reynolds - the amazing mastermind duo at Northern Spanking - worked with More than 170 models, famous ones and exclusive first-timers. They never stopped producing new videos, adding new exclusive content to your membership all the time. All this for a fair price of $29.95.

Be Good At Being YouKim Chi is in serious trouble. She's been suspended from school for copying another student in a test. Paul makes the point that not only is it wrong, copying is pointless and removes Kim's free expression of her own opinions and abilities. Kim is going to have her bottom paddled, hard.
Cherry Blossom in Herd MentalityFirst made to wear the far-too-small dropseat pajamas she worse years earlier, Elizabeth gives Cherry a very well-smacked bottom indeed before applying her hairbrush to Cherry's un-flapped backside. Hopefully this exemplary spanking will ensure there is no repeat of her bad behavior in the future.
How To Punish A PrincessPrivate detective Kennedy is on a revenue protection gig for a casino. Having studied her gambling habit carefully, and done some digging, he visits Lilly unannounced in her room and confronts her with evidence that she is not in fact minor European royalty, but a penniless waitress from Baltimore.
Hell WeekAlex and Linny, if they want to remain on the team, will undergo fiery spankings to their bottoms and get to experience Harley's legendary leather paddle. Two very sore young ladies will return to the practice field tomorrow, knowing what will happen if they displease their Captain again.
Northern Spanking Classics - Severity For SarahSchoolgirl Sarah Collins is sent to see the Headmaster with a note from her teacher. She is to undergo an exemplary punishment, not just a bare bottom caning but the tawse on her hands as well, for a proper palm punishment.
What Goes On Tour Stays On TourBri was using a fake ID to attempt to get into a gig. Much to Paul's embarrassment he was summoned to collect Bri by security. Back at the hotel, a pajama'd Bri is about to receive a bedtime spanking for her duplicity and disobedience! No, Bri, it's not chill!
Borstal Girls: Caned For ContrabandThe latest in our series of films imagining the kind of young offender's institutions that did once exist in the UK, with horribly wicked staff taking any and every opportunity to inflict corporal punishment on the unfortunate but equally wicked female inmates.
Bratty BridesmaidWe hope you enjoy Reyna's debut film for Northern Spanking! Reyna has been attending her cousin's wedding. We join Reyna and Alex back at the hotel afterwards where Reyna is going to pay for her bratty behavior with a trip across Alex's lap and a sound spanking with hand and hairbrush.
spankingm/fotkSarah GregoryNo Picnic!Sarah has been trespassing on a wealthy neighbor's land despite being repeatedly told not to. This time, Sarah is going to receive the spanking she was promised last time!
spankingf/fotkAlex ReynoldsRain Stops PlayBambi is an aspiring young tennis player, eager to succeed. So eager that she's been out practicing in the rain for ages. When she finally comes in, her friend, Alex, is very concerned. Bambi needs to look after her well being and not make herself sick, after all!
spankingm/fcaningotkblack girls spankingCupcake SinClairCurfew CaningCollege girl Cupcake returns, very late, from a night out to be met with a furious reception for breaking her curfew. She has been warned of the consequences of doing so for a second time: a severe punishment.
spankingf/fotkhairbrushblack girls spankingBri CrawfordCleo DivineBig Sister Takes ChargeCleo went behind Bri's back and asked one of her friends to buy alcohol for her and her friends. Cleo is in big trouble this time. She is going to learn a lesson: her tight leggings are going to be pulled down, and she's going over big sister's lap for a hard hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom.
spankingm/fblack girls spankingpalm punishmenttawseCupcake SinClairA Hand In Her PunishmentKennedy carries a tawse on his shoulder under his jacket when teaching, and he takes it out to put it to good use. He makes Cupcake face the wall and lift her skirt, then applies the tawse to her bottom immediately, without any warm up.
spankingm/fcaninguniformLulu SparkleLulu Sparkle - TardySchoolgirl Lulu is late for everything. Classes, homework, even detention. Today she has a disciplinary meeting with the Headmaster. Lulu is academically gifted but the Head feels that an extraordinary punishment is needed address her one failing; her tardiness. Today Lulu is going to be caned...
spankingf/fotkslipperAlex ReynoldsAnabelleLily Towed AwayHaving loaned her car to her younger sister, Alex is furious to find out it has been ticketed and towed away. Upon her return from the tow-away yard, Lily is going to pay a price not in money for her carelessness. After spanking her soundly, Alex uses their fathers slipper on her bottom.
spankingm/fotkleather beltThe Runaway DaughterHe finds a way to vastly increase his fee and give the sexy little minx the many spankings she undoubtedly deserves.

Best Of - Editors Choice

Silly Sister's Seifuku SpankingAlex Reynolds can't believe her eyes when she walks into the living room to see her little sister, Sarah Gregory, dressed in a seifuku and reading a book about anime...holding the book upside down.
Introducing Rachel AdamsA very warm welcome to this month's newbie at Northern Spanking, adorable Rachel Adams! Here we see Rachel in some amount of trouble and in receipt of some domestic discipline, on the receiving end of a smacked bottom and a wooden soon. Rachel's first film for us coming soon.
Disruptive behaviourLinny is noisy and disruptive in class, has poor grades and has no interest in learning or achieving anything in school. Linny is to get the strap and, since she seems to enjoy throwing things in class, she will feel it on her hands as well as her bottom.
Little Wet Riding HoodArriving home from Ella's riding lesson, Alex is very unimpressed to find a very wet little Ella standing in soaked jodhpurs, having misjudged her need for the bathroom. This has happened before but this time Ella is going to get her wet bottom spanked. And there's always the threat of diapers...
Late CheckoutAdriana's job as a hotel maid is hard enough without guests overstaying their checkout time. Today is the day the Adriana's patience snaps upon finding Maddy sound asleep when she should ave checked out hours ago. I think we can guess how the rest of Adriana's morning plays out!
Upping Her Game - Part 1Rosie Ann is lucky enough to have a sponsor for promising future in ladies tennis. He spends an awful lot of money on his protege and Rosie is of course grateful. She doesn't even really mind the punishments that live alongside the rewards. As for him, the rewards are immense!
Valedictorian DisciplineAnother in our Discipline series focusing on young tutor Apricot Pitts preparing her college students for their studies and life after college. Here Harley Havik is receiving a comprehensive lesson in both corporal punishment and intimate personal relationships!
The New Soccer CoachTurning up late for her first practice with the new Coach turns out to be a huge mistake and Koko quickly discovers that Mr Johnson's reputation as a disciplinarian is fully deserved. Not only does Koko suffer a humiliating spanking, she is made to strip for some physically exercise.
Tips - The VideoHarley has been caught skimming by Alex before, and punished for it with a spanking, so she knows what to expect now. Alex makes Harley explain to Syrena, a first-time offender corrupted into criminality by Harley, exactly what is about to happen.
A Good FriendAlex knows there is only one solution, a very sore bottom indeed for her little sister's bad friend.
NS Classics - Irelynn Logeen - The ViewingStephen and Irelynn are viewing a house for sale. Estate agent, Zille, is very keen to make a sale to this couple, but whilst they are supposed to be viewing the inside of the house, strange noises coming from the bedroom raise an eyebrow from Zille. And more than a little curiosity.
A Beating For HarleyHarley's mother calls an old friend, who she thinks may be able to help correct the wayward girl's behavior, or punish her severely at the very least.

Northern Spanking is all about tearful corporal punishments of naughty and disobedient girls, at home, at school or even at their workplaces. A strict hand and frequent disciplinary measures is what these brats need to correct their attitudes and disrespectful behavior. Regular spanking punishments with the hand, the hairbrush and a heavy leather belt - or even a severe caning across the bare backside - can work miracles. It’s their own decision to go through these procedures again and again, every day.

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Read 16 OlderFrankServer was a bit slow sometimes, but amazing videos, unique.KarlaIam old fashioned I am much more into pictures than videos. Northen panking made my day, beautiful and esthetic photo workMartinMore updates pleaseJulioEnjoyed the siete a lotDodithumbs up!!!CarolinaI do enjoy a lot but the punishment isn't that hard.AbdulModel Bambi is awesome. Give her caning please.MikeAmazingBillyWhy oh why does Alex have her head turned away from the bottom on her lap in practically all of the spanking photos that feature her as the spanker? It really is ridiculous, especially when what would otherwise have been a good spanking image is ruined by her inexplicably turned head.JalisaMember since almost 6 months, very happy with the siteMatthiasjoin procedure was complicated but worthwhileRubenGreat siteMark75300Spanking is fun, but yet real. I do love giving a spanking to a disrespectful little brat or to any girl/woman who is being a bad girl or thinks she's a bad girl. I usually start with a good firm hand spanking, then I use my spanking devices. And since I make paddles when I get the extra time, I love testing them out on fresh bare hineys. If she ain't whimpering or crying then I'm not spanking her right. I love the sound of a fresh paddle or leather belt slapping those cheeks or the feel of my hand on her fresh cheeks. Just to feel the soft smooth flesh and feeling the heat from those fresh buns. Hearing the screams and cries. And after we're done I rub lotion on her bottom to ease the pain. And if she has pretty feet I normally tickle her to ease the pain even more. Btw ladies of all ages, I am looking for new girls to spank if y'all are interested. Leave me a commentMark75300I do hope to become a member soon. I'm sure it'll be worthwhile since I do love to give spankingsGeripalm punishment is greatSleezerider88nd bent over desks ,walls , and the thing is when girls are in those positions they look desirous of getting a spanking , as well as forced to do so ,..Im always wondering why in quite a majority of clips that really not so sexy camera angles talking alot, smiling , out of rythym smacks (speeding up after a slower start is really distracting ), and really most of the girls dont try and whmper a little cry,,ATP girl Chrissy Marie is the best submissive acting girl because she whimpers ,..Im not tearing you filmakers down ,..I have been in the music buisness since 1977 ,, Ive acted in comercial and interviwed in documentary films , I was a studio musician from 19891-2011. I honestly wish I could help you guys that film in camera locations using different angles ,positions , and just small changes . maximizing the bodies of those fine models ,hopefullly to show angst at dicipline , with their bottoms up arched backs, looking scared over the shoulder , the really sexy long hair needs to be visible the entire backside of pretty , there are far fewer spanking films at Tushy ,blacked ,etc but the truth is the cams are in better angles , the females always keep talk to a minimum , but the scenes are really sexy just never long enough ,..just advice from an old dominant man with a 40 year history in entertaiment but a yearning for really good spank flicksTMangumI have suscribed to a few sites ,a few years back,..but I will say ,I am just unable too these days, most spanking videos are disappointing , but I wanted to say just a few things about what separates most videos from the trash heap.....when a model can ease into a role playing a submissive or teen, schoolgirl with the look and position and hold the position , no leg kicking or sustained non approval, and the importance of not saying a lot. , but looking the part ,.in reality its saying too much by both parties the dom and sub that really gets the emotions high or drops it to a level that just made that trash heap,..as much as I hate to say it ,..most fall by the wayside. , as a entertainment director, actor ,Singer, I can see there arent many solid performers ...spankingserver guy..because he just swats and doesnt talk alot .groovedoctor77O I think Northern has interesting spanking for the most part, but sometimes as a former entertainer/actor /musician...there is sometimes a lack of realistic erotism of the spankings I norice,... but it seems that some of the not spanking sites get more realism because the short stage for spanking in an erotic setting has more detail , poses , and just better acting , it does seem that some erotic movies need to be made in the spanking , ..Alison CLovely. I can't wait to join in!Alison CHow do I contact other viewers?jetteroDo you know how I can contact the original French spanking shame website owners? I want to buy their content.KeithI would like to give Kami Robertson a spanking one day keithvallis from australiaAdd new CommentRead All ( 22 )


Too Many MimosasLindsay made something of a show of herself at Paul's beloved golf club this afternoon. The resulting discussion when they get home inevitably ends in some domestic discipline for Lindsay.
Smacked In The Changing RoomThis film is short but certainly action-packed! We hope you appreciate the 70's/80's feel we were able to create with the wonderful venue we had available to us. This film was in fact shot in 2016 as the finale of a four part series of PE-themed punishments.
A Damp Day in DerbyshireNimue and Janna seemed to think that the whole thing was hillarious, but he had a way to put an end to their giggling, and access to a school cane, as well...
Northern Spanking Classics - Ingrid Bose - Spanked Au PairPaul is cheesed off to find his au pair applying make-up instead of attending to his housekeeping, and his tea... No doubt there is only one way for Paul to deal with this situation: Ingrid Bose is due for a thorough corporal punishment.
Northern Spanking Classics - School DreamsThis film is based on a blogpost Zille wrote about a personal fantasy school dream she had. For each piece of the uniform that I refused to put on, he strapped me until I complied. This process took a while, as I was very recalcitrant, and had to be strapped to tears each time.
Casey's Christmas ListCasey has written her Christmas list and, pleased with herself, presents it to Paul. An exercise in managing expectations is required and Casey finds herself on the receiving end of a spanking, before being sent away to come up with a more reasonable list!
Totally SorryIt seems the Alex's patience with her patient had already begun to fray, but being referred to as 'the help' snapped it completely and Bambi is going to get some alternative therapy; the kind given to bratty little girls and administered via the bottom, with hand and paddle!
Detention Number ThreeRosy Ann finds herself in detention for the third time in a term. As Jenna, with whom Rosy was caught fighting, has just found out, in the third detention, your knickers are taken down and your bottom is introduced to the tawse. Rosy is not looking forward to her fourth detention.
So This Is Discipline, Huh?Alex has had enough of this little freeloader and informs her that unless she gets off her lazy butt and starts looking for a job, Alex will send her back to their parents. That's right, she would find herself on the receiving end of a spanking.
Under The SeaDorothy has entered her family into a rather challenging competition, never imagining that she might actually win. Well, guess what?! Paul is singularly unimpressed both with the prize and with Dorothy's unsanctioned actions and determines punish her for it.

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