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Sign At The Bottom - Northern Spanking

Ashley, caning, jeans spanking, m/f, spanking

Ashley is visited by the hotel manager who wants to have a word with her. She 's attending an anime convention in the hotel, and has gotten a number of complaints. It seems that Ashley has been trying to do room charges at the hotel bar and restaurants by simply writing random rooms that are not her own. The hotel manager knows it was her, because she wrote her real name: just a fake room number. Ashley doesn't want to get kicked out of the hotel and miss the rest of the event, so when that is suggested she asks him if there is some other way he can deal with this.Mr. Kennedy does, in fact, have another way of dealing with this problem, and spanking and caning a naughty girl in tight denim jeans, and out of them, is definitely not the worst afternoon he's had!

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